Handcrafted by artisans. Detail by detail.


Our master craftsmen are available to make repairs to your Skiff Craft or to undertake a total restoration. Their restoration work can return your boat to seaworthiness and bring back the beauty of its original design. Whatever the boat's condition, our staff can advise you of your options and help get your Skiff Craft looking and riding just like new.

Skiff Craft in Minnesota and Ohio are both renowned for their top-quality restoration work. For more information, call Skiff Craft at 952-474-0292 or simply click here to EMAIL US.



Skiff Craft was founded in 1904 as the Henry Boat Company near Peterborough, Ontario, by two Canadian boat builders Victor and Stanley Henry. They created their reputation by building quality wooden boats able to withstand the harsh waters of Canada's lakes and rivers. In 1959, the company relocated to Plain City, Ohio, and was renamed Skiff Craft. There, veteran craftsmen of local Amish and Mennonite communities custom build each exceptional Skiff Craft boat using their time-honored woodworking skills.



Each wooden Skiff Craft boat is crafted by hand, taking two to three months to build. A master builder personally selects the materials that will be custom milled and machined. Air-dried white oak is selected for the keel and one-piece ribs are steamed and formed. Fir plywood with a hardwood exterior, special-ordered from the Pacific Northwest, is chosen for the keel-to-gunwhale full lapstrake hull. Fifteen-ply fir and mahogany are used for the transom.



Small building teams take each Skiff Craft boat from framework to finishing. Only the best materials are utilized in each boat. Wood preservatives, sealers, varnishes and paints are skillfully applied. The engine, controls, carpeting, interior features and custom-ordered accessories are meticulously installed.